Indie Film Lab
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Who We Are


who we are

Indie is a lab that loves the art of film photography. We are creators, makers, and artists. Our team is what sets us apart, so scroll on down and meet the crew!


Indie is a simple lab dedicated to photographers

who still believe in and love film capture.


Film is beautiful. It’s a mindset, it’s exciting; film has soul. No digital preset can do what film can. Shooting film makes you want to slow down and get it right. Remember Christmas morning when you were a kid? That’s the feeling you have when you see your scans.

The revival of film is strong, and we understand that finding a lab that processes your film the way you want can be challenging. Finding the right lab is like finding a partner to help you accomplish your vision. We’re the lab that wants to nail your look and we want to work with you to consistently deliver the scans you want. Drop us a roll in the mail and let’s start working on getting the look you want!

– The Indie Crew