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Artist Spotlight: Angga Permana

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For todays Artist Spotlight, we talk with Angga Permana. Angga is a Bali based wedding and portraiture photographer, who makes film images in some of the most beautiful places around the globe.


Here is what Angga Permana had to say...


IFL - So, what's it like shooting weddings in Bali?

AP - Bali is one of the paradise island in Indonesia, the most beautiful island and one of the most popular destinations for weddings in Indonesia. A lot of wedding photographers want to shoot here in bali; everyday feels like a holiday in Bali. I feel so lucky to have been born in Bali and I am a wedding photographer based here. Bali has a unique landscape and panorama from the beautiful sunrise in mountains, to wonderful cliffside sunsets over the ocean. Shooting in bali, there are always great moments to be captured. You can meet a lovely Bride & Groom in paradise, at a beautiful wedding location, and of course shoot with film. :)  You must visit Bali, Indonesia.  


IFL - Are most of your clients local or from out of town?

AP - Most of my clients are out of town/destination weddings, they come from Australia, Singapore, Italy and US, but I also have clients from Indonesia to such as Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya. 


IFL - Where else do you like to shoot?

AP - I really love shooting destination weddings. I have been to Perth, Australia & Japan. I would love to shoot a wedding in Iceland, Paris, Italy and Napa Valley.


IFL - How long have you been shooting? When did you start?

AP - I have been doing wedding photography for 3 years. I started after I graduated from high school and thoroughly fell in love with capturing couples. I love to capture real, honest moments.


IFL - Who, or what, is inspiring to you?

AP - A lot of film photographers have inspired me to fall in love with film. The light, how they to capture the moment, how they deal with light and the expression is timeless for me.  Most of them are film wedding photographer such as Elizabeth Messina, Ryan Ray, Jose Villa, Erich McVey, Tec Petaja, but there are many more. 

Family and friends are always supporting me, too. We love to talk and brainstorm every time we meet up. And the IFL Family, you guys rock!


IFL - What are some of the challenges, if any, with shipping your film to a lab overseas?

AP - I don't find there to really be any challenges with shipping my film.  I just feel excited every time I send it off, and I can't wait to get the confirmation email saying that it arrived safely. :)


IFL - Is there a good Film Community in Bali?

AP - Yes, we have film community in bali, but most of them like shooting lomo, and stuff like that. They are really creative,  and really excited to share new work and ideas with each other. 


Angga also has a breathtaking Bali wedding over on the today.  Go take a look!

See more of Angga's work here:


Instagram: @angapermana

Thank you Angga! :)