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Frequently Asked Questions



Will you make custom adjustments to my images?

Yes! When you order corrected scans there are a couple of different ways we make adjustments to your images. First, we will make frame-by-frame corrections in the scanner and after that your images are tweaked for consistency and preference in Lightroom.

How do i share my preferences?

  • a) Email some images to and tell us what you like about them!

  • b) Include your website on your order form so your corrector will check out your work while adjusting your images.

  • c) Write notes on your order form!

  • d) All of the above!

Does Indie accept orders from clients outside of the United states?

Absolutely! However, international shipping usually has additional duties/shipping costs you will need to cover. You should also expect longer shipping times from most carriers.

what are "uncorrected" scans?

  • Uncorrected scans are scanned on the Noritsu scanner without custom adjustments. Basically, the scanner is set to “auto” and no frame-by-frame tweaks are made.

  • The file dimensions are the same as a “Large” corrected scan.

  • Black and white scans must be dusted in Photoshop and are therefore not eligible for the “Uncorrected” option.

Noritsu or frontier? what's the Difference?

  • We scan on the SP-3000 Fuji Frontier and the Noritsu HS-1800. Check out this blog post for more info!

  • No preference? No problem! Just leave the scanner portion of the order form blank and your film will be scanned by the first available scanner :)

  • Please note that all Ektar and Portra 160 film must be scanned on the Noritsu scanner. There is a highlight aberration that occurs when Porta 160 or Ektar are scanned on the Frontier that cannot be removed. No other stocks are affected in this way an are fine to be scanned on either scanner. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

What scan sizes do you offer?

  • Check out a complete list of scan dimensions here.

  • The scans that you receive will be JPG files that are 240 dpi (resolution for printing).

  • If you choose to receive .TIFF files please note that they will be Noritsu XL scans or Frontier XXL scans. .TIFF files are not a higher resolution, they are less compressed than a .JPG files. Because .TIFF files are much larger than .JPG files you must send a hard drive with your film so that we may mail your finished scans to you.

do you offer any film matching or digital corrections?

Yessiree! Connect with us over at IFL Post!


what processors and chemistry do you use?

  • For both BW and C41 films we use Refrema Dip and Dunk Processors

  • We process with Kodak Chemistry

is there an extra charge for pushing film?

Nope. Pushing is totally free! Make sure you write the number of stops on both your order form and the rolls of film you’d like pushed.

Do you offer e6 Processing?

  • Sure do! We use a partner lab for E6 processing and all the scanning is done here at Indie. There is an up-charge for E6 processing so be sure to check out the pricing page for details.

  • We cross-process E6 film in C41 chemistry free of charge.

Can you process Kodachrome or seattle film works films?

Sorry, no. And we don't know of anyone who does ;(

can i send in film that is pre-soaked?

Naw dawg. That might mess up the chemicals for other clients’ film. Not cool.


i'm in a hurry! can i get my film rushed?

  • Of course! There is a 50% uncharge added to the entire order and you can expect your scans 2 – 3 business days. Make sure you mark “RUSH” your order form and write RUSH in BOLD print on the outside of your package!

  • E6 film is not eligible for RUSH services unless it is cross-processed in C-41 Chemistry.

How do i fill out an order form?

  • You can download a blank order form here.

  • Here is an example with some pointers on filling everything out!

what is the best way to ship my film?

  • Check out this PDF

  • Make sure all packages are well sealed and all necessary postage is paid ;)

  • Film that is received after 3pm may be checked in the following business day.

what is the current turnaround?

  • For orders of 1-25 rolls you can expect your scans in 5-7* business days.

  • For orders over 25 rolls you can expect your scans in 7-10* business days.

  • How do I calculate business days? Business days exclude weekends and holidays. “Day 1” is the day after you receive your confirmation email.

  • Black and White scans need to be dusted before they are complete which may increase turnaround by a day (or more depending on the # of BW rolls).

  • Turnarounds may vary slightly depending on the season. However, we are doing our very best to get your awesome scans to you as soon as possible!!

  • * These times can fluctuate during the months of July - December. If you need exact times please reach out to us at

how will i receive my scans?

  • When your scans are complete we will upload them and email you a link to a lovely gallery that will allow you to preview and download your scans. Having issues? No worries, just give us a shout!

  • If you choose to receive TIFF scans you will need to include a thumb drive with your film. We will mail your film and thumb drive back as soon as everything is ready!

will you return my processed negatives?

  • Absolutely! We will cover your un-cut negatives in protective plastic sleeving and ship them to you in a crush-proof tube via Priority Mail.

  • When your order is received you will be charged a fee for estimated shipping costs - which includes postage and packaging materials.

  • Your film will be returned as soon as 1 week after you have received your scans (unless you request it be sent sooner).

  • We do not offer long term storage of film.

  • We do not offer cut negatives.

  • If you're interested in having your film cut, organized and archived into nice, tidy binders check out our friends over at The Film Hound!

  • If you would prefer to have your film discarded mark “Discard Negatives” on your order form and we will dispose of your film 3 weeks after you’ve received your scans.

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